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Andalas University


Making the prominent and prestigious University of Andalas


Develop into a leading institution in science, technology and art
Conducting education in order to produce quality graduates, tolerant, peace-loving and able to compete in global markets
Support the development of the dignity of the Indonesian people through the creation of works in the fields of science, technology and art that would benefit the community.


Realizing the university as a center for science, technology, and art.
Preparing students to be members of the faithful and devoted community as well as having academic ability, professional and vocational
Develop and disseminate science, technology, and art as well as efforts to improve its use of community life and enrich the national culture.
Support the development of a democratic society and independent


Andalas University

Founded December 23, 1955
Types of Public Universities
Rector Prof.. Dr. Kasim Musliar
Students 23.000
Location University of Andalas, Kampus Limau Manis, Padang, 25 163, Padang, Indonesia

Andalas University (Unand) is a public university in Padang, Indonesia, established on December 23, 1955. Rector of the University of Newcastle since 2006 is Prof.. Dr. Musliar Kasim.


Andalas University, which is the best university outside of Java (version of the magazine Tempo). Currently, Unand has 11 faculty for graduate programs, two polytechnics and one graduate faculty, namely:
Faculty of Agriculture
Department of Agronomy (B accreditation)
Department of Plant Breeding (B accreditation)
Department of Soil Science (accreditation A)
Social Programs in Agricultural Economics (Agribusiness) (B accreditation)
Department of Agricultural Extension and Communication
Department of Plant Pests and Diseases (B accreditation)
Cultivation Department of Agriculture (accredited B)
Faculty of Agricultural Technology
Department of Agricultural Technology (B accreditation)
Department of Agriculture (accredited B)
Medical school
General Medicine Program (accreditation A)
Nursing Science Studies Program
Public Health Studies Program (accreditation C)
Dentist Education Program Study
Psychology Course
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Department of Chemistry (accreditation A)
Department of Mathematics (B accreditation)
Department of Physics (B accreditation)
Department of Computer Systems
Department of Information Systems
Department of Biology (accreditation A)
Faculty of Pharmacy
Regular Program Pharmacy (accreditation A)
Extension Program Pharmacy
Faculty of Law
Regular Program Legal Studies (accreditation A)
Extension Program Legal Studies
Faculty of Economics
S-1 Regular Program
Department of Economic Development (accreditation A)
Management Programs (accredited A)
Accounting Department (accreditation A)
S-1 International Program
S-1 Program Extension
Diploma Program 3
3 Regular Diploma Program
Marketing Study Program
Accounting Course
Studies Programme Secretariat & Office Management
Banking Financial Studies Program
Study Programs State & Local Finance
3 Diploma Program Extension
Marketing Study Program
Accounting Course
Studies Programme Secretariat & Office Management
Banking Financial Studies Program
Study Programs State & Local Finance
Faculty of Animal Husbandry
Department of Animal Production (accreditation A)
Department of Nutrition and Food Livestock (accreditation A)
Department of Livestock Products Technology (accreditation A)
Social Economics Animal Husbandry (accreditation A)
Science farms (four departments into one here)
Faculty of Letters
Department of History (B accreditation)
Majoring in English Literature (accreditation A)
Department of Indonesian Literature (accreditation A)
Department of Japanese Literature
Literature majors Minangkabau (B accreditation)
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Industrial Engineering (B accreditation)
Electrical Engineering Department (B accreditation)
Department of Mechanical Engineering (accreditation A)
Department of Environmental Engineering (accredited B)
Civil Engineering Department (B accreditation)
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Department of Political Science (accredited B)
Department of Sociology (B accreditation)
Department of Social Anthropology (accreditation A)
Programs Administration
International Relations Studies Program
Department of Communication Studies
Program D III
IV D program
Program D III


S-2 Program

Biology Study Program (accreditation of Excellence)
Chemical Studies Program (accreditation of Excellence)
Math Study Program
Physics Study Program
Faculty of Pharmacy (B accreditation)
Biomedical Studies Program
Public Health Studies Program
Program Planning and Development Studies (B accreditation)
Programs of Regional and Rural Development Studies (B accreditation)
Legal Studies Program (accreditation B)
Program Public Notary
Animal Science Study Program (accreditation of Excellence)
Soil Science Study Program (accreditation of Excellence)
Science Studies Program Plant Pests and Diseases (accreditation of Excellence)
Agriculture Studies Program (accreditation of Excellence)
Agronomy Study Program (accreditation of Excellence)
Environmental Science Study Program
Agricultural Technology Studies Program (accreditation B)
Studies Program of Integrated Management of Natural Resources
Linguistic Science Cultural Studies Program
Studies Programme of Food Security and Nutrition
POLOKDA Study Program
Mechanical Engineering Study Program
Civil Engineering Study Program
Management Master Program (accreditation B)
Mechanical Engineering Study Program
Science Studies Program History
Sociology Study Program
Master of Accounting Program
Development Studies Program of Housing and Settlements

Education Program Specialist I

Child Health IIlmu
Ear Nose Throat Medical Sciences Head Neck Surgery (ENT-TOS)
Internal medicine in
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Anatomical Pathology
Clinical Pathology
[Edit] S-3 Program
Biomedical Sciences Studies Program
Agronomy Study Program
Soil Science Studies Program
Chemistry Course
Biology Study Program
Animal Sciences Program
Science Program Plant Pests and Diseases
Agricultural Development Programme
Economics Program
Legal Studies Program


Unand has learning sites at Limau Manis Campus 500 hectares, 10 073 m2 of Teak Campus, and Campus Faculty of Medicine, 28 000 m2.
[Edit] Main Facility
Basic Laboratory and a number of comprehensive and modern laboratories in their respective faculties / departments
Teaching hospital (Dr M. Djamil)
Central Library and Library of the spread in each Faculty / Department
Biota Laboratory Sumatra
Andalas Botanic Garden
Education and Research Forest
Farm Land
Wetland Research
Medicinal Plant Garden (Arboretum)
Computing Laboratory

The supporting Facilities

Building Student Activity Center (PKM)
8000-capacity auditorium audience and the Civil Convention Center
Masjid Nurul Ilmi Unand and the mosque in their respective faculties / departments
Sports Facilities
Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal, Climbing, Soccer, etc.
Banks, ATMs, and Post Office
BNI, Bank Mandiri, Bank Nagari
Campus Bus, Pujasera, Minimarket
Hotspot Internet facilities
[Edit] Research institutions
Research Institute of Andalas University, Rectorate Unand Fl. 2, Campus Unand Limau Manis, Padang. Phone: (0751) 72 645, Fax: (0751) 72 645 consists of:
Research Institute of Economy, comprises:
Center for Financial Studies Area (PSKD)
Regional Economic Research Institute (LPER)
Economics and Development Research Institute (LPEP)
Center for Population Studies
Development Center Accounting (PPA)
Center for Human Resources Development Studies (PSPSDM)
Center for Women's Studies
Research Institute for Agriculture and livestock, comprising:
Irrigation Study Center
Utilization Research Center for Nuclear Science and Technology
Forestry Research Centre
Animal Development Research Centre and Cattle
Institution of Culture and Society, consists of:
Center of Studies on Regional Autonomy
Center for Development Studies and Social Change Culture
Study Center of Minangkabau Culture and Society
Western Regional Center for Legal Studies
Center for Constitutional Studies (Pusako) in FH Unand, chaired by Prof. Dr. Saldi Isra
Center for Rural Studies
Center for Study of Urban Problems
Center for American Studies
Center for Science, Technology and Culture of Japan
Research Institute for Natural Resources and Environment, consists of:
Center for Environmental Studies
Natural Resources Study Center
Sumatra Nature Study Center
Health Research Institute
Center for Botanical Studies Drugs
Center for Health Studies
[Edit] Data Base BAPSI
Entire data center empties into the BAPSI (Administrative Bureau of Planning and Information System), Fl. 3 North Wing, Rectorate Building.
[Edit] Student-University Institutions
Andalas University Institute Student Activities include:
Student Government Institutions
Student Executive Body (BEM) and University Faculty
Student Legislative Council (MLP) and University Faculty
Student Association (HIMA) Programs
SME Field Sports
UKM Sports
SME Pandekar
UKMF Bridge
SME Sector Study
SME Reasoning
Neo SMEs Telemetry
Introduction to Law and Politics Unand (SMEs PHP UNAND)
Corner of the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSE)
Home Association of Science Community (EAST)
SME Sector Media and Film
Cinematography SMEs
SME Press Genta Andalas
SME Spirituality
Forum Rabbani Islamic Studies at the university level)
Forum for Islamic Studies (faculty level)
Other SMEs
SME Scouts
SME Arts
Student Cooperative University and Faculty level (FE)
Students Regiment (Menwa)
SMEs Indonesian Red Cross Corps
Association Internationale des Sciences Économiques en Étudiants et Commerciales (AIESEC) in FEUA


Unand students come from various regions such as West Sumatra, Aceh, Riau, North Sumatra, Bengkulu, South Sumatra, Lampung, Jambi, Riau Islands, Jakarta, West Java, Banten, etc.. In addition, there Unand foreign students (Malaysia) who are studying there, especially in the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Pharmacy


Scholarships ethos Duafa Republika Wallet, PT. Semen Gresik, Eka Tjipta Scholarship Foundation, PPA, L'oreal, etc. Four of Work Salemba.

Collaboration with other agencies / institutions

Domestic Institutions
Corruption Eradication Commission, the Constitutional Court, Ministry of Finance, Bank Indonesia and other
Foreign Institutions
JICA, FBRT and DGHE; IMT-GT UNINET; Gafenas, Negeri Sembilan; The United Nations Support Facility for Indonesian Recovery; PUTMIL Consortium (SDN) BHD Malaysia,

Campus Achievements

National Second Best PTN outside Java (Accreditation Results BAN PT) & 14 National Ranking in college alumni criteria are the most popular companies
Page Rank I in the outer island of Java (version Pusdata Tempo magazine in 2006)
Andalas University accredited B of the BAN Page
Andalas University has a 121 Professor / Professor (by January 2010)
Having an accredited research journal
Faculty of Medicine, University of Andalas was the builder (supervision) at the Faculty of Medicine, University Baiturrahmah West Sumatra and Riau University School of Medicine
Andalas University School of Medicine is one of 13 Faculty of Medicine in Indonesia that is recognized / accredited by the Malaysian Government
One of the pioneers in the administration of PTN Public Lecture Entrepreneurship for students
Faculty of Economics, University of Newcastle included in the six colleges that is believed to hold the Ministry of Finance Regional Finance Course (Unand, UI, UGM, UNSRAT, Unibraw, and Hasanuddin University)
University of Andalas is the Quality of Higher Education which includes Leading Institution (in Sumatra: Padang Unand, USU Medan, Palembang and UNSRI)
Department of Chemistry Department of Chemistry, University of Newcastle is the number of Professors (Professor) majority in Indonesia, and has laboratories and levels of education who complete an academic program (Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate)

Lecturers Achievements

Dayar Arbain Prof.Dr Bouduin grabbed King Award (1993), Convocation Award (1993), and Who's Who in the World 1999
Prof.Dr. Edison Munaf listed in "Who and Who in the World", 7th edition (1983), 11th Edition (1997) Marquish Publisher, USA, and won Third Place in National Competition Exemplary Lecturer
Prof. Dr. Akmal Djamaan, MS, Apt
Silver Medal (silver medal) for research with the title: Biodegradable plastic from palm oil at the Expo: The 27 E. Salon International des Invention s, Geneve, Switzerland (a member of the researcher). Le President du Comite d'Organisation du Salon, The 27 E. Salon International des inventions, Geneve, Switzerland, 1999
Silver Medal (silver medal) for research with the title: The Production of biopolymer from palm oil at the International Invention, Innovation, Industrial Design and Technology Exhibition '98 (I. Tech '98), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1998 (member of the researcher) , Organisation Committee of the I. Tech '98, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1998
Award as the Best Researcher of Fundamental Research of Higher Education, Ministry of Education (2006)
Dr.H.Fashbir Noor Sidin, SE, MSP, from the University of Newcastle obtained ISEI category Award Winner for Best Essay or article in the newspaper and magazine of the Association of Indonesian Economists (ISEI) wrote Integration Rural Development Policy and the City as a Principle of Economic Security, Social , and Politics
Fatma Sri Wahyuni researchers Unand Pharmacy Fellowship winner L'Oreal Indonesia for Women in Science in 2006 (anti-cancer drug research)
Israr Iskandar of Andalas University professor won the third in Scientific Writing Competition (LKTI) International 2008 organized by the Center for Research and Development of Culture Melayu (BKPM) and the Center for Southeast Asian Social Studies (PSSAT) UGM
Prof. Endang Purwati PhD from the University of Newcastle who won the gift of the energy sector from the Ministry of Research and Technology (KRT) in 2009 to study Biotechnology Application for Livestock Waste Treatment as an Environmentally Friendly and Organic Fertilizer Bio Gas Solid / Liquid.

Students Achievements

Field studies:
Unand student team won the ASEAN Students Champion Debate in Malaysia.
Winner Indonesian Young Researcher in 2002 in Medicine and Health of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)
Winner Student Writing Competition in Scientific
Third Place in the competition The 2nd Industrial Engineering Competition 2006 organized by the Surabaya Institute of Technology
Second Place in National Scientific Meeting of the PRA (PRATelminas) 2006 ISMKI (Indonesian Medical Students Association) Student Senate Faculty of Medicine at Maranatha Christian University, its members consist of Dian Jenova (Andalas University), Sophia Safitri Erna (Diponegoro University), Sansan Suhelda (Unika Atmajaya), Hermes Santosa (Udayana University) with a proposal entitled "Influence of the Family Assistance Program Medical Students Against Poverty by Improving Nutritional Status."
Polytechnic of Andalas University won the third in the race JAVA national level in Jakarta in 2007 Gunadharma University
Third Place in Competition Student Critical Thinking (KPKM) Politics and Security Affairs. Prestigious competition was held on 27-29 April 2007 in Bali Regional A 2002
Deni Delyyandri (Andalas University) Third Place Youth Entrepreneurial Mandiri (WMM) 2008 Graduate and Alumni category, held by Bank Mandiri
Satria Fengky Yorestra Andalas University took home the silver medal from Daimler AG, manufacturer of Mercedes Benz, and UNESCO in 2009 through a project from the Tsunami Evacuation Infrastructure for Coastal Communities in West Sumatra
Faculty of Law Second Place Unand Constitutional Debates in the Constitutional Court (MK) in 2009
Sector Interests and Talents:
UKM Sports Team won the Silver Medal Achieved at the National Championships Tarung degree in 1997 in Bandung.
Mapala Unand represent Indonesia in the Marlboro Adventure in Colorado, USA
UKM Sports Team won the Silver Medal Achieved word Princess on the team in Week VIII POMNAS New year 2003.
I won the race Presenter SCTV Go To Campus 2003
Exercise won the Bronze Medal SMEs kejurnas Wushu "Semarang Open" in 2006, Central Java.
Sports SMEs reached Received two gold, two silver and nine bronze in Kejurnas Pencak Silat Inter College in 2006, Universitas Andalas, West Sumatra.
Art SME team won the Golden Diploma Predicate Andalaswara team at the Asian Choir Games 2007 in Jakarta
Muslimah national champion at ITS Surabaya in January 2009.
Third Place Mausabaqah Tilawatil Quran (MTQ) Students of the National level in 2009 XI
Unand Mapala Team Champion 1 (first) National Championship Open 2009 Citarum
Faculty of Medicine Unand Medic Solo Cup win in 2010 (Basketball Competition among schools of medicine and dentistry as Indonesia) held by the Faculty of Medicine, University Eleven in March. The match took place from 25 to 29 January 2010.
Rahmi Nilna Isna from Andalas University was elected as the Coordinator of Region I (Sumatra), Association of Indonesian Public Health Student Senate (ISMKMI)
Andriansyah from Andalas University Chosen as Agency of the National Forum Ukhuwah Da'wah Technique (FULDKT)

Alumni Association

Chairman IKAUA is Gamawan Fawzi and Campus Center is IKAUA Limau Manis, while in each province also established the management area. For the city as chairman of the Jakarta area is dr. Fasli Jalal, Ph.D., with its secretariat in Jalan Pasar Minggu Km. 18-8, South Jakarta. Or P.O. BOX 4882 Jakarta JKTM 12 048. Phone / Fax.: (021) 7983504

Gait alumni

Government Agencies:
Bank Indonesia, BPK, eradication Corruption Commission (KPK), the Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU, Ministry of Finance, the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), the Attorney General, Ministry of National Education, the Supreme Court, State Secretariat, the Parliament, Provincial, Lecturer PTN, the Regional District, Provincial Government, Local Government District etc.
Private Institutions:
Bank Mandiri, BNI, BRI, Bank Danamon, Bank Panin, BSM, Bank Nagari, PT. Hutchitson (three), Sinar Mas Group, Garuda Indonesia, NGOs, Attorney General, Consultant, PT. Sari Husada, PT. Kimia Farma, Lecturer PTS, attorneys / lawyers, NGOs etc.

Famous Alumnies (in alphabetical order)

Agoes Soebekti, (Director of Consumer Bank BNI 2003)
Aslim Tadjuddin (Deputy Governor of BI 2007)
Basril Djabar (Commissioner of PT. Semen Padang)
Budi Putra (Bloger first and the best bloggers in Indonesia)
SE Satria Budi Isman MBA (President Director of PT. Sari Husada)
CY Boestal (Deputy Directorate of Credit, rural banks and MSMEs BI)
Djafni Jamal (Chief Justice)
Dwi Soetjipto (Managing Director of PT. Semen Gresik)
Prof. Dr. Elwi Danil, SH. MH (Professor FH Unand and Commissioner of PT. Semen Padang in 2003-present)
Fachri Ahmad (Former Rector Unand, former Rector of the Univ. Bung Hatta, former Vice Governor of West Sumatera)
Fasli Djalal (Deputy Minister of National Education in the United Indonesia Cabinet II)
Word Abdullah. Dr.SpOG (FIGO, ISUOG, POGI)
Gamawan Fauzi, SH, MM (Ministry of the Interior United Indonesia Cabinet II, Period 2009-2014, Governor of West Sumatra (2005-2009), Regent of Solok (1995-2005)
Herman Abdullah (Mayor Pekanbaru, 2001-present)
Mahyuddin Ramli (Commissioner of PT. Bank of Welfare)
Marlis Rahman, Prof. Dr. MSc (Former Rector, Governor of West Sumatra)
Munadi Arifin, SE, Ak, MM (Production Director of PT. Semen Padang in 2005-present)
Zen Novian SE Ak (Finance Director Inhutani I 2007-2012)
Ridwan Mahmud (Marketing Director of PT. Bank of Welfare)
Saldi Isra, Prof. Dr. SH. MPA (Professor of Constitutional Law and the Expert / Lecturer Unand FH)
Suryadi Asmi (President BPD Bank Nagari)
Providence Rahmadi, Prof. Dr. SH. LLM (Unand Former Dean of the Faculty of Law, Justice)
Tresdi Arma, MM (R & D and Operations Director of PT. Semen Padang in 2005-present)
Yuliandri, Prof. Dr. SH. MH (Professor of Legislation, Lecturer Unand FH)
Zainal Bakar (Former Governor of West Sumatra)



Andalas University, the oldest university outside of Java and the fourth oldest in the whole of Indonesia, was founded on the decree of the Minister of Education and Culture, no. 80016/Kab; December 23, 1955.

The University was officially opened by the four founders, along with Drs. Mohammad Hatta, and the Minister of Education and Culture, Mr Sarino Mangoenpranoto on September 13, 1956.

In its early years, the university has five faculties namely: Faculty of Agriculture in Payakumbuh, Faculty of Medicine and Science, in Bukittinggi, Faculty of Law at the Padang, and the Faculty of Teacher Education in Batusangkar.

Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Animal Husbandry was established in Padang in 1961 and 1963 respectively after five other faculties. In 1965, the Faculty of Teacher Education and separated into IKIP Padang.



Until now, Andalas University have programs below:

Diploma (Non Degree)
Consisting of three programs, namely:

Undergraduate Program (S1)
Consisting of nine faculties, namely:

Faculty of Agriculture
Medical school
Faculty of Natural Sciences
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Animal Husbandry
Faculty of Letters
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Graduate Program
Offers 12 study programs, namely:

Regional and Rural Area Development
Animal Science
Entomology and Phytophatology
Planning and Development
Environmental Science
Agroindustrial Technology

Doctoral Degree in:

Agricultural Technology

Faculties and Department

Faculty of Agriculture was established in 1954. Currently, it has five departments:

1. Department Of Agronomy

This department has two study programs:

Agronomy Program

It is aimed at Preparing the students to be professional engineers in the field of Agronomy. Their basic knowledge Also in this major is aimed at Preparing Them for a master's and doctoral degree.

Plant Breeding Program

It is aimed at Preparing the students to be professional engineers in the field of plant breeding. Their basic knowledge Also in this major is aimed at Preparing Them for a master's and doctoral degree.

It has laboratories Trust:

Laboratory for Ecology and Climatology
Laboratory for Biotechnology
Laboratory for Plant Physiology
Laboratory for Plant Breeding and Genetics
Laboratory for Breeding Technology
Crops Science Laboratory for
Laboratory for Industrial Plantation
Laboratory of Horticulture and Botany

2. Department of Soil Science

This program is aimed at Preparing the students to be professional engineers in the field of soil science. Their basic knowledge Also in this major is aimed at Preparing Them for a master's and doctoral degree.

This department has laboratories Trust:

Laboratory for Soil Genesis and Classification
Laboratory for Soil Conversion
Laboratory for Physics and Water
Laboratory for Soil Fertility
Laboratory for Soil Mapping and Survey
Laboratory for Soil Biology

3. Department of Plant Pests and Diseases

This program is aimed at Preparing the students to be professional engineers in the field of plant pests and diseases. Their basic knowledge Also in this major is aimed at Preparing Them for a master's and doctoral degree.

This Department has five laboratories:

Laboratory for Plant Diseases
Laboratory for Plant Pests
Laboratory for Microbiology
Laboratory for Entomology
Laboratory for Intensive Pest Controlling

4. Department of Agriculture and Social Economics

This department has two programs:


It is aimed at Preparing the students to be professional engineers in the field of Science and Technology of Agribusiness. Their basic knowledge Also in this major is aimed at Preparing Them for a master's and doctoral degree.

Study of Agriculture Extension and Communication

It is aimed at Preparing the students to be professional engineers of Science and Technology in the Study of Agriculture Extension and Communication. Their basic knowledge Also in this major is aimed at Preparing Them for a master's and doctoral degree.

This department has one laboratory for the Study of Agribusiness.

5. Department of Agricultural Technology

Department of Agricultural Technology has two study programs:

Agricultural Engineering

It is aimed at Preparing the students to be professional engineers in the field of science and technology of agricultural engineering. Their basic knowledge Also in this major is aimed at Preparing Them for a master's and doctoral degree.

Food Science Department

It is aimed at Preparing the students to be professional engineers in the field of food science. Their basic knowledge Also in this major is aimed at Preparing Them for a master's and doctoral degree.

This department has 12 laboratories:

Laboratory for Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
Laboratory for Microbiology
Laboratory for Physics and Mechanics
Pilot Plant and Laboratory for Solar Drier
Laboratory for Sensor
Laboratory for nutrient and Biochemistry
Laboratory for Mechanical Operation of Agricultural Products
Laboratory for Electricity and Energy of Agriculture
Laboratory for Agricultural Management
Laboratory for Water and Soil Technology
Laboratory for Mechanics of Agricultural Processing
Laboratory for Mechanics

The facilities provided by the faculty include a green house, farm, field research laboratory (wet and dry land), computers with LAN (Local Area Network), and workshops. The faculty has one accredited Also the National Journal, the stigma, in the field of Agricultural Science.

Link to Faculty of Agricultural Technology

For further information please visit


Faculty of Agriculture
Andalas University
Limau Manis, Padang 25 163
West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Phone: +62-751-72701 Ext: 630
Fax: +62-751-72702

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine has four deparments:

1. School of Nursing
2. Community Health.
3. Dentistry
4. Phsychology

Faculty of Medicine, is the eldest of medical education facility outside Java. In fact, it was established preceding the establishment of Andalas University. The faculty was founded on September 7th, 1955 in Bukittinggi. In the early days, Faculty of Medicine conducted Cooperation with the Australian University to develop its educational system and facilities. Unfortunately, due to regional conflict from 1957 Until 1959, this was stopped prematurely Cooperation. After the cessation of hostilities in 1959, the faculty began to develop vigorously and, in That year, it was MOVED to Padang, the capital of West Sumatra.

Most faculties of Andalas University are located in the main campus Limau Manis, 10 km from the center of Padang City. However, Faculty of Medicine is still located in the city center, near the Central General Hospital M. Djamil. Faculty of Medicine of Andalas University Also supervises other state and private medical faculties and the School of Health Science in West Sumatra, Riau and Jambi.

The faculty Offers a four-year undergraduate course (academic program) on basic medical sciences and a two-year training of physician candidate (professional courses) in 14 Clinical Departments at the Main Teaching Hospitals, namely Padang, Central General Hospital (740 beds), Padang Central Mental Hospital (200 beds), and Bukittinggi Central General Hospital (400 beds), a Primary Health Center in West Sumatra, Padang Cement Hospital, Mansion, Padang, and Harbor Hospital, Pterospermum Bay, Padang. Also It conducts postgraduate courses in Public Health, and Specialist Training for Internal Medical, Pediatrics, Surgery, Obstetrics-Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Pulmonology and Clinical, Pathology, Dermato-Venerealogy. It plans to conduct Specialist Training in Psychiatry, Neurology, ENT and Anesthesia under the supervision of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia. Furthermore, a postgraduate course in Biomedical Science is in its advanced planning.

As the supervising state medical faculty, it supervises the operation of a private Faculty of Medicine, Islamic Baiturrahmah University in West Sumatra. Also The faculty supervises the development of a state medical faculty in Riau Province. On the ASEAN regional level, it receives Malaysian students through a National Entrance Examination. The graduates are recognized by the Malaysian Board of Medical Education as a full-fledged physician.

In Addition, Faculty of Medicine has established Cooperation in education and research institutions Abroad with Standard Chartered Bank, Standard and Poor 'Monash and Deakin Universities in Australia, Japan universities, and the National University of Malaysia.

Undergraduate Curriculum Structure

The medical professional in General Medicine study program awards professional degree in Medical Doctor. It is a six-year program, Which is divided into:

Academic Programs:

Lecture, group discussions, practical work in laboratory, fieldwork, and junior apprenticeship in hospital. It is a four-year program period, consisting of 146 credits.

Professional Programs:

Senior apprenticeship in hospitals and primary health center / PHC. It is a two-year program consisting of 40 credits.

Research Activities

Faculty of Medicine has four levels of research:

Faculty level: this is required for all undergraduate students, the WHO have passed the final examination as a condition to enter clinical training for Medical Doctor (MD)

University level: this is conducted by a junior academic staff and Medical Specialist Candidate as a condition for final examination by the National Board of Specialist. This research is Financed by Andalas University Research Center, and supervised by a team of the Faculty of Medicine Research Supervising Team.
National level: this is conducted by senior academic staff and Financed through the National Research Board (Risbinkes / RisbinIptekDok) by foreign aid (World Bank, Unicef). Some outstanding Researches on this level have been conducted in the fields of Nutrition, Health publics, Basic Medical Science, Industrial Psychiatry, Endocrinology, and Ophthalmology.
Advanced Multidisciplinary Research, Competitive Research Integrated-RUT: Some outstanding Researches on this level have been conducted at international level in collaboration with foreign Institution Poor 'in the field of nutritional Biochemistry.

Cooperation with Other Institutions

Indonesia: University of Indonesia, Jakarta: Airlangga University, Surabaya
Padjadjaran University, Bandung; Riau University, Pekanbaru
Abroad: Monash University, Australia; Japanese Universities; Malaysian University
World Bank: Faculty of Medicine is receiving Some financial assistance from the World Bank for the development of curriculum and institutional support systems.
For further information please visit

Faculty of Medicine, Andalas University
Jl. Pioneer Independence 52, Padang.
West Sumatra, Indonesia

Phone: +62-751-31746, 39 844
Fax: +62-751-32838

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